Making Connections

The Making Connections Programme is a comprehensive programme that helps people and their families with their future plans and is specific to the individual's needs and aspirations. The programme provides emotional and practical support for our members, identifying each individual's future plans - whether related to family, career, hobbies or personal development - and determining the supports and services needed to achieve these.

  • Through our programme, "Making Connections", we provide a one-to-one strictly confidential service for individuals. The aim of our programme is to improve the quality of life of people and empowering them to make decisions and choices that help them to live more meaningful lives in their community.

Programme Outcomes

By being involved with the Making Connections programme you will meet with one of our APP facilitators. This will be on a one-to-one basis to explore opportunities and set personal goals that may be relevant to you.

  • 1 Understanding your diagnosis
  • 2 Recognizing your strengths and talents
  • 3 Identifying your interests
  • 4 Increase your confidence and independence
  • 5 Improve your social interactions

Outcomes that people may experience as a result of completing the Making Connections Programme:

  • Living independently
  • Employment
  • Numeracy & Literacy skills
  • Community Involvement
  • Third level education
  • Improved decision making & planning
  • Personal contentment
  • Making Connections Programme Framework

You can also choose to make direct contact with us and we can assist you with the process involved.